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The Darwin Entertainment Centre are in the business of moving people – making them feel more alive. They strive for a high level of quality and care in everything they do.


The Challenge

Darwin Entertainment Centre has been seen in the local market as a hall for hire. A bricks and mortar establishment in the heart of town that attracts and allows high quality performances to be enjoyed in Darwin. The reality is it does much more. It plays a vital role in presenting arts events, both large and small to the Darwin Community.

It is very well equipped to be the premier arts venue in the Territory. They needed a new narrative and a new brand identity that creates enduring meaning in the Top End that moved away from an ancient Cyclone Tracy inspired design.​​

The Solution

Through an extensive brand architecture process we unpacked that Darwin Entertainment Centre is a brand that connects. They connect people to content, and help others to create content, and in doing so connect people to each other and to the Territory. They curate and create. ​

They are in the business of moving people – making them feel more alive. They strive for a high level of quality and care in everything they do to make every encounter with them a great one. They champion imagination, self-expression and originality and thrive on exposing the community to things they might not normally be

pre-disposed to, or would not normally have access to, delivering opportunities that weren’t previously here. This makes them tick.​

They do all this to create enduring value, to help grow the societal roots that bind us together through shared experiences, interactions and memories. Ultimately, the social fabric that we weave leads to healthier, stronger communities, more settled in this remote place they call home. Off the back of this distillation we started to explore the new brand identity.​

The Result

Creatively we know DEC value imagination, vision and self-expression, as it is a fluid, ever-changing entity. It creates, curates and assembles meaningful things, then delights in giving them voice. Therefore we created a new brand identity that is as dynamic, flexible and creative as the organisation itself.
It is able to adapt and change effortlessly whilst remaining solid and instantly recognisable through a design system based on a single, simple shape – the quarter circle – a graphic device suggestive of giving voice, of amplification.​​ DEC launched with the new brand in early 2022. Kicking off with a suite of new TVC’s, an updated website, signage and integration through social. ​​

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