Great Food
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Foodland stores are all local and independently owned. They are passionate about supporting local suppliers and providing their customers with the freshest and finest products SA has to offer.


The Challenge

After recent changes in the market, Foodland needed to be responsive in defending its positioning and re-affirming its local narrative. 

The emergence and rapid expansion of new players in the supermarket space, ALDI, and the separation of Drakes Supermarkets from Foodland, saw the need for Foodland to ’swing big’ in solidifying

its position as a household name and to remain at the forefront of SA shoppers’ minds.

With ALDI being a strong competitor in price, Foodland needed to communicate to shoppers that great food lives at Foodland. And by buying at Foodland, you’re supporting all the South Australian producers that supply Foodland. 

The Solution

Great Food Lives Here 2.0 – a revitalisation of a recent, successful campaign, to portray Foodland being ‘out there’ interacting with its local suppliers from the fields up north, to the oceans west; combing the land for the food that’s best.

GFLH 2.0 is a confirmation to shoppers that Foodland are the single source of truth when it comes to being local.


They nurture the relationships of their suppliers and support the local community, all while providing shoppers with great food.

This sentiment was at the core of a full campaign that continues across television, outdoor, radio, online and catalogues.

The Result

Facing the challenges of filming seasonal produce, we needed to be flexible and to move quickly in order to capture the great produce at its prime.

Flexibility and responsiveness were key factors in the success of this campaign and capturing the 14 different state-wide locations.​

A note from Foodland...

“The power of branding! ​I’ve been reflecting the past few weeks on how as an industry, many (not all) pigeonhole mediums for certain tasks. Take the humble catalogue. A retailer’s best friend for product and price, right? ​

The past few weeks we have gone to market without advertising product or price on the front page.

Did the wheels fall off? Nope. In fact, these were some of our best performing weeks. It goes to show the power of investing into one’s brand, in addition to creating and using distinctive assets for both audio and visual mediums. Just because something hasn’t been done in the past, doesn’t mean it won’t be successful.”​

Christopher Villani, General Manager Merchandise and Strategy, Foodland Supermarkets​

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