Keep On Moving On


“Keep on moving on” is more than just an advertising campaign. It became a way to talk to members across every single customer experience.

The Challenge

After more than 100 years of growth and innovation, RAA has evolved from its motoring body roots. While still offering roadside service, RAA today also offers such diverse products and services as car and home insurance, finance, travel and solar as well as being South Australia’s largest membership organisation. 

In 2019, RAA updated its brand promise to reflect this evolution. A promise they articulated as, “To keep members’ lives moving”. 

Our task was to communicate this new brand promise with a refreshed creative direction for all advertising activity, aimed at successfully maintaining the brand’s leadership position in the hearts and minds of South Australians.

And reinforce RAA’s broadening relevance in people’s lives in three category pillars: Motor, Home and Travel.

The Solution

We created a mantra, “Keep on moving on”. This was more than just an advertising campaign. It became a way to talk to members across every single customer experience. 

Our research showed that the most successful brands understand a person’s life without overstating their cause – so we focused on the member, and the role RAA could play in their lives, moving with them wherever they go.

Throughout the campaign, we presented the benefit of ‘moving on’ in a series of relatable, slice-of-life stories. 

The campaign line and accompanying track “Keep on moving on” drove the messaging and helped to convey and represent the rhythm of life that RAA is constantly looking to protect and maintain for members.

New brand assets were introduced, including the yellow shoes and a yellow ribbon, as consistent visual symbols of getting on with life, with the help of RAA. 

Still in market, the campaign flows through-the-line from television, cinema and online, to radio, out-of-home, transit, print and digital display.

The Result

We refreshed and reinvigorated a 116-year-old brand, which was a brave departure from RAA’s heritage.​We successfully reflected the organisation’s new attitude, without alienating existing members, and at the same time began attracting new ones. ​

The campaign helped RAA maintain its position as a top 10 iconic brand in South Australia and the largest member-based organisation in the state.​ The flow-on effects have also seen significant positive results for the entire RAA product portfolio.

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