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1 in 10 Australians struggle with dyslexia every day – and most of them aren’t even aware that they have it.


The Challenge

With dyslexia being so prevalent but so unnoticed – and frequently undiagnosed – we knew that addressing the problem started with educating parents, teachers, and policymakers on not only the signs, but the difficulties and their devastating, long-term effects. ​​

But how do you begin that conversation when the disability is invisible, and experienced so differently by every individual who struggles with it?

The Solution

Our starting point was the truth that dyslexia causes severe frustration for the kids who struggle with it, the teachers who can’t seem to get through to them, and the parents who don’t know how to help as their child struggles through school, life, and deep self-esteem issues.​​

We used emotion and empathy to communicate these feelings of frustration, with a 60 second snapshot of the negative effects

dyslexia can have at a mental level. Using national TV, Out of Home, digital media and social channels, we directed Australians to a central landing page with a wealth of resources, shedding light on the issue from a perspective every parent can empathise with – witnessing the feelings of a frustrated, misunderstood child. 

The Result

This campaign is still live and in-market, but gaining CSA national exposure every day through TV, Outdoor and digital, with minimal cost. It’s being amplified on social with testimonials from people who have struggled with dyslexia themselves,

revealing their own difficulties and battles with self-esteem. On social channels alone, the campaign has recorded over 100,000 impressions, and over 18,000 engagements.

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