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Everyone has, at one time or another, grabbed their phone and polished it on their pant leg or shirt fabric to clean it. ​We tapped into that truth and gave the simple act of shining up your phone petrol-price reducing powers!! 

The Challenge

When OTR launched gamification to their Fuel Pay App, they wanted to encourage users to trial and continue using it once downloaded. 

To stimulate this trial and ongoing use of the Fuel Pay App,

we were tasked with developing a new campaign that highlighted the gamification aspect as well as the ease and convenience of the app.

The Solution

We developed a television lead campaign built on the undeniable fact that using your phone makes the screen grubby. Oily finger marks and smudges obscure the screen, making it difficult to read and not particularly nice to use. 

The truth is everyone has, at one time or another, grabbed their phone and polished it on their pant leg or shirt fabric to clean it. We tapped into that truth and gave the act of shining up your phone ‘petrol price reducing powers’. 

The campaign demonstrates that, with a simple, everyday action of polishing our phone screen we can unleash the power of

a magic Australian genie. We say “Australian” because, well, this genie is a bit rough ‘round the edges. A laconic sort of character with a memorable magic word. ​​

The Genie was the vehicle for our message about technology giving individuals a sense of empowerment. A sense of control – iTake the photo. iEdit the photo. iUpload the photo – and no-one can stop me! 

Now, I pay for fuel on the app and I save!

The Result

The campaign launched in March 2022 to a domestic market. The TVC achieved good cut through reaching more than 50% of South Australia multiple times.​ OTR had high aspirations for this campaign and wanted to create a strong second transaction driver in their App to complement their C-Coffee product.

Aggressive targets were set for the campaign around: ​significantly increasing Fuel use in the App from a 2% starting point, ​creating a cost-effective source of new customers​, growing monthly active customers​ and strengthening the OTR brand​.

All performance expectations were exceeded early, and the campaign has been extended.

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