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We all went through the pandemic together. We were stuck in lockdowns, stuck in our cities, so many people were isolated from family and friends. We all felt it. We were all 'over it'. 


The Challenge

At the end of 2021, after nearly two years of Covid lockdowns and travel restrictions, Australians were starting to think about holidays again. Consumer sentiment research at the time identified the number one reason Australians wanted to travel in 2022 was to reconnect with family and friends.

Many people had not seen each other ‘in-the-flesh’ for over two years. And because everyone, at both ends, had experienced the restrictions, there was a built-up desire for both parties to seek something different. Somewhere different. The Northern Territory was the perfect place. 

The Solution

Because everyone has been in the same boat, in terms of restrictions on both ends, we saw an opportunity to make the Territory the place to reconnect with friends and relatives in 2022. The ‘different’ both parties seek.

We launched a campaign that held a mirror up to stories that all Australians could empathise with. Because we’d all been going


through it. We all felt it. We were all ‘over it’.  We all wanted to escape from our own four walls and computer screens. We were all ready for something different in every sense. 

This emotive sentiment touched audiences via a fully integrated campaign. Inspiring them to reconnect with their loved ones in this iconic Australian location.

The Result

The campaign ran between February and June 2022, and as confidence in travel started to grow, so did the bookings.​ The mid-year 2022 ‘Dry-Season’ in the Territory
was booked solid. ​
The emotive sentiment of the campaign resonated with Australians, and they choose to ‘reconnect somewhere different’.

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