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20 December 2023
By Sam Davies

Digital Visionary Wanted. 

At kwpx, we are on a journey. We’re growing and evolving. With a renewed focus on strategy and experience, we are looking for a unique human to take the helm as our Head of Digital Experience. 

While we believe that “humans aren’t robots”, we are deeply immersed in a digital world and are looking for a person who shares our values and holds a strong, strategic vision.  

As a crucial member of our senior leadership team, you will not only guide the digital team and carve out the future of this department but also influence our overall agency direction.  

With a focus on experience, you will foster innovation, spearhead strategies, and shape the future of digital engagement across web, app, UI/UX, and more.  

If you’re a visionary leader with a growth mindset, hungry to transform possibilities into reality, this is your platform to shine! 🚀 

 About the job 

You will have close to a decade (or more) of digital experience under your belt. You need to be able to talk all things web and app, and have a history of helping to bring digital experiences to life.  

We value a diverse skill set – whether your strengths lie in technical expertise, creative vision, team coaching, or financial acumen, your unique combination of talents will be a driving force in our success 🦄. Your passion for digital experiences should be evident in your past endeavours, showcasing a history of innovative, user-centred solutions.  

We believe in ‘Shared Journey – Shared Success’, your leadership style will be inclusive and empowering, fostering a culture where every team member feels valued and motivated to contribute their best.  

You will join the Heads of Media, Advertising, Darwin and Perth as a member of the senior leadership team, reporting directly to the Executive. You will head up and look after the 20 talented and diverse humans that make up the Digital Experience Team.

Your primary role will comprise the following areas: 

Strategic Leadership: 

  • Develop and execute strategic plans that align the digital division with kwpx’s holistic goals. 
  • Identify growth opportunities, forge collaborations, and pioneer services to maintain our competitiveness and drive innovation. 

Team Empowerment: 

  • Lead, mentor, and inspire our digital team, fostering a culture of innovation, collaboration, and excellence. 
  • Collaborate with Exec / HR to identify talent needs, drive recruitment processes, and facilitate continuous professional development. 

Client Engagement: 

  • Cultivate and sustain high-level relationships with key clients and stakeholders, collaborating with our Digital Partnerships Director to enhance client satisfaction and explore growth opportunities. 

Financial Stewardship: 

  • Collaborate with our Finance Team to set budgets and financial objectives, overseeing the division’s profitability and making strategic adjustments. 

Operational Excellence: 

  • Ensure daily operations and project delivery run smoothly, optimising workflows, advocating best practices, and integrating technologies for efficiency and quality. 

Futuristic Vision: 

  • Continuously monitor emerging trends, technological shifts, and evolving consumer behaviours in the digital landscape, allowing us to foresee potential transformations and adapt seamlessly. 

Integrated Solutions: 

  • Create strategies in collaboration with the Senior Leadership Team that interweaves UX/UI design, web and app development with our core Advertising and Media services to deliver comprehensive, integrated solutions. 
  • Collaborate with SLT to leverage resources, share insights, and offer holistic client solutions. 

Industry Engagement: 

  • Stay at the cutting edge of Marketing & Advertising industry trends in particular  UX/UI design, web and app development. 
  • Represent our division at industry events, conferences, and workshops, enhancing kwpx‘s reputation in the digital domain. 


Skills and Qualifications: 

A Digital OG: We are looking for close to a decade or more of experience in the digital field, particularly in areas like web and app development, UI/UX design, and bringing digital experiences to life. It’s important that you can speak our language, you don’t have to be a dev, but you should know all the acronyms 😉. 

Visionary Digital Leader with A Growth Mindset: In addition to your passion for overseeing world class digital experiences, we are looking for someone who dreams big (staying in the comfort zone is not your jam). You see the glass half full and enjoy taking the reins and leading a team to distant horizons. Personal growth is a daily habit for you by now (cue the Brené Brown quotes). You are curious and always learning. 

Teamwork Makes The Dream Work: One of our core values is ‘Shared Journey, Shared Success’. We’re looking for someone who values teamwork and actively fosters it. Someone who lives it. Great teamwork starts with trust and trust leads to courageous work. You will thrive in a diverse team and actively seek to build on our collective strengths. 

Be The Solution: This is another value of ours. We all aspire to working with an ‘at cause’ attitude – but you will really need to live by example. Your proactive approach to problem-solving should not only address issues as they arise but also anticipate and mitigate potential roadblocks to keep the department on track. You will be looked up to as a problem solver and positive force in the agency. 

Clients Make Our World Spin. Without them we have nothing, you will be their ultimate champion. This means people skills, EQ, a shoulder to cry on and more. You should be laser-focused on meeting and exceeding client expectations and ensuring that the team are delivering projects that deliver excellence and drive value. 

Agile: No, not in the SCRUM sense, although an understanding of agile practices would be great. By Agile we mean nimble, adaptable. Be like the water my friend. You need to be fast on your feet across all aspects of the role. If you are a stuck in your ways, ultra logical person, this role ain’t for you.  

A Brain For Budgets: You must have spent time around numbers. Budgets, balance sheets and projections. You don’t need to be an Excel guru, but you do need a strong understanding of financial management, and the ability to set and monitor budgets effectively. These skills are essential in ensuring the division’s profitability and meeting financial objectives. 

If you have read (and watched) this far and still feel like this role is for you, then you are probably in the right place. We don’t need formal tertiary qualifications if you meet everything above, but they obviously won’t hurt. 


So, what are we going to give you??

Good question. 

Kwpx is an independent and inclusive full-service agency. We are at war with boring and live and breathe crafting beautifully engaging, connected brand experiences. Our DNA is brand (over 30 years experience in the ad game) but our strength is in our full-service offering. You will be working with almost 90 talented humans based across Adelaide, Darwin, Perth and couple in Indonesia. We come together under these core values: 

  • Humans Aren’t Robots 
  • Shared Journey Shared Success 
  • Be Open 
  • Be The Solution 
  • Find The Fun 

We have a dope office in the old Nova cinema on Rundle Street. Yep, it has bean bags and a beer fridge but that’s not what builds culture. People like you do! Oh, and some of our modern working policies such as: 

  • Flexible / Hybrid work arrangements  
  • 9 Day fortnight (one of the first agencies to implement this) 
  • Work from anywhere in the world 2 weeks of the year 
  • Dog (and I suppose rabbit?) friendly office 

We are championing our value of Humans Aren’t robots and whilst we are a fast-paced, sometimes intense agency – we look after our people. 

If all of this sounds good, well, we want to chat.  

Let’s make it happen! Applications via SEEK.  

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Level 1, 251 Rundle Street
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The Village Workplace
Level 1, 38 Parap Road
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131 High Street
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0422 174 663
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