Brand is what people say about you...

...when you're not in the room.

We strive to understand your business and your audience in order to build an empathetic & meaningful connection. Backed by research and driven by your business goals, our creative team design brands that start conversations and inspire actions. We bring brands to life. Brands that speak. Brands that connect.

Our history and reputation is built on years of creating household brands that forge long-lasting relationships between great companies and their loyal customers. Your brand is your identity. Shaping a strong brand is the best way to tell your story and connect with your people. It forms the foundation of your business and your purpose.


Brand Identity

Building a brand identity is an essential and unique process for any business. We start by getting to know you. From your values to your point of difference and what drives you as a business. Creating a strong brand is about identity.

Our team develop a foundation that sets the tone for your brand. We create brands that open conversations with your audience, that build strong connections and lasting customer relationships.

  • Visual Identity
  • Brand guidelines and templates
  • Tone of Voice
  • Graphic Design
  • Logo design
  • Typography
  • Photography and Videography
  • Packaging and collateral
  • Merchandise
  • Uniforms
  • Annimation

Brand Architecture

Brand architecture is all about taking a strategic approach to your brand, your vision and offering, how they relate to each other to create the best experience for your customers and the best path forward for your business.

Our thorough brand architecture process provides you with a solid strategy, aligned with your business goals, that allows you to streamline marketing efforts, and fosters consistent and compelling brand experiences.

  • Strategy
  • Market positioning
  • Competitor analysis
  • Brand personality
  • Deep Day™
  • Connections Playbook™

Audits, Audience & Competitor Analysis

Sometimes the best thing you can do to move forward, is to review where you are, where you’ve been, and who is around you. We have multiple analysis and audit offerings to help your business take stock, and decide on the best step forward. From social media and brand audits to in-depth UX analysis, customer interviews and user testing, our team provide detailed and eye-opening reports to help your business strategically plan for the future.

  • Customer Journey Mapping
  • Customer Experience CX
  • User Experience UX
  • Brand Audit
  • UX Report

Advertising & Content

Our advertising and content creation is driven by powerful storytelling and designed to build relationships and connection. We take the time to get to know you, your business, your team, what sets you apart in your industry, who your customers are and why they choose you.

Our diverse team of experts craft compelling narratives and designs captivating visuals that resonate with your target audience. From attention-grabbing ad campaigns that cut through the noise to engaging content that sparks conversations, we design and deliver solutions focussed on smashing your goals. We tell your brand’s story in a way that inspires, connects and drives action.

  • Creative direction
  • Creative strategy and ideation
  • Copywriting and Art Direction
  • Campaigns and tactical responses
  • Film and photoshoot production
  • Graphic Design
  • Print production
  • Motion Graphics and 3D animation
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) prompting
  • Social media

Spotlight on...
Jodi Lee Foundation logo The Jodi Lee Foundation

When Kellie Finlayson became a Jodi Lee Foundation Ambassador, we created an extension to the “Trust Your Gut” campaign, inviting Kellie into our office for an interview around her journey and what she hopes to achieve as an ambassador. Alongside this, our digital team built a custom, online symptom-checker.

  • The interview was produced, filmed, photographed and edited all in house
  • The film both tells Kellie’s story and inspires action in viewers
  • The online Symptom Checker tool is user-friendly and completely online
  • The checker gives viewers a quick and simple way to take the first step when it comes to assessing their symptoms
Our Work
  • Trust Your Gut website
  • Adelaide Fringe logo
  • NT Tourism logo
  • Adelaide Film Festival logo
  • Jodi Lee Foundation logo
  • RAA logo
The Castle doors, looking out to kwpx's office

What is different about a kwpx brand?

Why us?

Our method is DEEP™. This isn’t a marketing slogan, it is at the core of our philosophy. It is built into everything we do. And our brand experiences are no different.

All of our projects begin with a discovery phase. This time is focussed on digging deeper, on exposing the problem and building a solid foundation. We ask questions, we start with “why?”. We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. Your brand solution should be as unique as your business.

Our Brand Team

  • Sam Talbot - Staff Portrait

    Sam Talbot

    Head of Advertising

  • Brenton Bleechmore - Staff Portrait

    Brenton Bleechmore

    Executive Creative Director

  • Corey Swaffer - Staff portrait

    Corey Swaffer

    Executive Creative Director

  • Emily Johnson

    Senior Account Manager

  • Josh Fanning - Staff Portrait

    Josh Fanning

    Creative Director

  • Joel Van Der Knaap - Staff Portrait

    Joel van der Knaap

    Senior Art Director

  • Sophie Ross

    Account Manager

  • Marine Monbeig - Staff Portrait

    Marine Monbeig

    Brand Creative Producer & Delivery Lead

  • Alex Cotterell


  • Ben Spry - Staff portrait

    Ben Spry

    Production & Studio Lead

  • Carlie Chenoweth - Staff Portrait

    Carlie Chenoweth

    Integrated Creative

  • Andy Breeding - Staff portrait

    Andrew Breeding

    Studio Manager/Senior Graphic Designer

  • Enrico Becker - Staff Portrait

    Enrico Becker

    Junior Integrated Graphic Designer

  • Alex Mahon - Staff portrait

    Alex Mahon

    Senior Creative

  • Callum Hull - Staff Portrait

    Callum Hull

    VFX Designer

  • Taras Zagajewski

    Production Assistant/Content Producer

  • Haydon Macleod


  • Caitlin Massey - Staff portrait

    Caitlin Massey

    Communications Manager

  • Ronald Alaby - Staff Portrait

    Ronald Alaby

    Senior Account Manager

  • Alec Davis - Staff Portrait

    Alec Davis


  • Sam Davis - Staff Portrait

    Sam Davies

    Managing Director

  • Tristan Glover - Staff Portrait

    Tristan Glover

    Darwin Director

  • Georgia Prime - Staff Portrait

    Georgia Prime

    Integrated Account Manager

  • Hannah Guilford - Staff Portrait

    Hannah Guilford

    Integrated Design Lead

  • Jazz King - Staff Portrait

    Jazz King

    Junior CopyWriter

  • Mike Frier - Staff Portrait

    Mike Frier

    Senior Integrated Creative - Darwin

  • Monica Lawrie

    Senior Integrated Creative


  • What is brand strategy?

    Brand strategy is all about having a detailed plan that helps you decide how you want your target audience to see your brand. It’s like creating a character with its own personality traits, values, and how it interacts with others. This plan makes sure that no matter where people see your brand, it looks and feels the same, and creates a consistent and compelling identity in the market. 

  • What steps are involved in creating a consistent brand identity?

    Creating a consistent brand identity involves several steps, including defining your brand’s mission, values, visual elements (such as logo and colour palette), and tone of voice. We then take all those elements and then apply them consistently across all the various touchpoints to ensure a united brand image. 

  • How long does it take to build a brand?

    The time to build a brand can take time. It is based on many factors, such as the complexity of your industry, your target audience, and the strategies you implement. It’s a continuous process that requires time to establish a strong and lasting presence.  

  • Why is brand awareness so important?

    Brand awareness is crucial because it helps customers recognise and remember you. It lays the foundation for building trust and loyalty and can influence purchasing decisions when customers are familiar with your offerings. When more people recognise your brand, they start trusting it and feeling loyal to it.  

  • How does effective branding contribute to customer trust and loyalty?

    Effective branding creates a consistent and authentic image that resonates with customers. When customers perceive your brand as trustworthy, they are more likely to become loyal. 

  • What types of businesses have you previously worked with to enhance their brand?

    We’ve worked with a diverse range of businesses, from start-ups to established enterprises, across various industries – see our work here. Our experience spans B2B and B2C brands, giving us insights to tailor solutions to your unique requirements. 

  • I already have a strong customer base. Why would I need to create a brand when we already have a customer base?

    While you may have a loyal customer base, a well-defined brand can help you differentiate yourself in the market, attract new customers, and deepen the emotional connection with your existing audience. A strong brand enhances customer loyalty and sets the foundation for continued growth. 

  • What makes our approach to brand strategy adaptable for diverse businesses?

    Our brand strategy approach is customised to each business’s unique goals and industry. We understand that no two businesses are the same, and we tailor strategies to fit your specific needs and target audience. 

We pride ourselves on being a truly integrated agency.

Working with kwpx means building a long-term partnership, accelerating growth and working towards your business goals. Our teams work closely to ensure a seamless experience, creating consistent touchpoints across the market, wherever you want to reach your customers.

Our extensive teams offer an unparalleled range of skills for your project, while our integrated approach ensures a smooth and seamless experience for you.

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Better Business

Kwpx is a creative company that specialises in communication, and we respect how important language is to all Aboriginal Australians. As a company that works on Kaurna, Whadjuk Noongar, and Larrakia Country, we want to acknowledge the importance of connection to the Country. We take pride in everything we do and see reconciliation as important work for all Australians.

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The Village Workplace
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0422 174 663
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