Our Team

Alec Davis - Staff Portrait
Alec Davis - Staff polaroid

Alec Davis

Alex Cotterell - Staff polaroid

Alex Cotterell

Alex Mahon - Staff portrait

Alex Mahon

Senior Creative
Alex Stewart - Staff portrait
Alex Stewart - Staff polaroid

Alex Stewart

Digital Strategist
Amanda Lopes - Staff Portrait
Amanda Lopes - Staff polaroid

Amanda Metaxiotis

Director of Customer Experience
Andy Breeding - Staff portrait
Andy Breeding - Staff polaroid

Andrew Breeding

Studio Manager/Senior Graphic Designer
Ben Hughes - Staff Portrait
Ben Hughes - Staff polaroid

Ben Hughes

Board Member
Ben Spry - Staff portrait
Ben Spry - Staff polaroid

Ben Spry

Production & Studio Lead
Ben Turner - Staff polaroid
Ben Turner - Staff polaroid

Ben Turner

Full Stack Developer
Brenton Bleechmore - Staff Portrait
Brenton Bleechmore - Staff polaroid

Brenton Bleechmore

Executive Creative Director
Briony Kyloh - Staff portrait
Briony Kyloh - Staff polaroid

Briony Kyloh

Sales Executive
Bryan Dennis - Staff Portrait
Bryan Dennis - Staff polaroid

Bryan Dennis

Executive Creative Director
Caitlin Massey - Staff portrait
Caitlin Massey - Staff polaroid

Caitlin Massey

Communications Manager
Caleb Chadwick - Staff portrait
Caleb Chadwick - Staff polaroid

Caleb Chadwick

Lead Web Developer
Callum Hull - Staff Portrait
Callum Hull - Staff polaroid

Callum Hull

VFX Designer
Carlie Chenoweth - Staff Portrait
Carlie Chenoweth - Staff polaroid

Carlie Chenoweth

Integrated Creative
Carol-Ann Cronin - Staff Portrait
Carol-Ann Cronin - Staff polaroid

Carol-Ann Cronin

Account Manager
Cassandra Demasi - Staff Portrait
Cassandra Demasi - Staff polaroid

Cassandra Demasi

Account Director
Chris Gear - Staff portrait
Chris Gear - Staff polaroid

Chris Gear

Accounts Officer
Con Kirgianis - Staff portrait
Con Kirgianis - Staff polaroid

Con Kirgianis

Finance Manager
Corey Swaffer - Staff portrait
Corey Swaffer - Staff polaroid

Corey Swaffer

Executive Creative Director
Damon Maslen - Staff Portrait
Damon Maslen - Staff polaroid

Damon Maslen

Commercial Director
Dav Tabeshfar - Staff Portrait
Dav Tabeshfar - Staff polaroid

Dav Tabeshfar

Executive Creative Director
David Merenda - Staff Portrait
David and Finley - Staff polaroid

David Merenda

Development Lead
David O'Loughlin - Staff Portrait
David O'Loughlin - Staff polaroid

David O’Loughlin

Chief Executive Officer


Naptime Supervisor
Dru Mincher - Staff Portrait
Dru Mincher - Staff polaroid

Dru Mincher

Perth Director
Elaine Zhang - Staff Portrait
Elaine Zhang - Staff polaroid

Elaine Zhang

Digital Media Executive
Ella Le - Staff Portrait
Ella Le - Staff polaroid

Ella Le

Digital Media Executive
Ella Wilson - Staff Portrait
Ella Wilson - Staff polaroid

Ella-Maude Wilson

Integrated Creative

Emily Johnson

Senior Account Manager
Emma Flaherty - Staff Portrait
Emma Flaherty - Staff polaroid

Emma Flaherty

Media Manager
EK Hinton - Staff Portrait
EK Hinton - Staff polaroid

Emma-Kate Hinton

Digital Delivery Lead
Enrico Becker - Staff Portrait
Enrico Becker - Staff polaroid

Enrico Becker

Junior Integrated Graphic Designer

Evelyn Jackson

Digital Media Executive
Finely - Staff polaroid
Finley - Staff polaroid


Professional Cuddler
Georgia Prime - Staff Portrait
Georgia Prime - Staff polaroid

Georgia Prime

Integrated Account Manager
Georgia Rowntree - Staff Portrait
Georgia Rowntree - Staff polaroid

Georgia Rowntree

Media Executive
Hannah Guilford - Staff Portrait
Hannah Guilford - Staff polaroid

Hannah Guilford

Integrated Design Lead
Haydon Macleod - Staff polaroid

Haydon Macleod

Isabelle Brand - Staff Portrait
Isabelle Brand - Staff polaroid

Isabelle Brand

Digital Partnerships Executive
Jaimee Shurdington - Staff Portrait
Jaimee Shurdington - Staff polaroid

Jaimee Shurdington

Media Manager
Jame Apoefis - Staff Portrait
James Apoefis - Staff polaroid

James Apoefis

Web Developer
James Baird - Staff Portrait
James Baird - Staff polaroid

James Baird

Junior Graphic Designer
Jayden Moyle - Staff Portrait
Jayden Moyle - Staff Portrait

Jayden Moyle

Integrated Content Producer
Jazz King - Staff Portrait
Jazz King - Staff polaroid

Jazz King

Junior CopyWriter
Jodie Palmer - Staff Portrait
Jodie Palmer - Staff polaroid

Jodie Palmer

Media Director
Joel Van Der Knaap - Staff Portrait
Joel Van Der Knaap - Staff polaroid

Joel van der Knaap

Senior Art Director
John Baker - Staff Portrait
John Baker - Staff polaroid

John Baker

Managing Director - The Campaign Consultancy
Josh Fanning - Staff Portrait
Josh Fanning - Staff polaroid

Josh Fanning

Creative Director
Kate Moroney - Staff Portrait
Kate Moroney - Staff polaroid

Kate Moroney

Media Executive
Kayla Bath - Staff Portrait

Kayla Bath

Senior Media Manager
Kellie Grant - Staff Portrait
Kellie Grant - Staff polaroid

Kellie Grant

Senior Media Manager
Lucy Byrnes - Staff Portrait
Lucy Byrnes - Staff polaroid

Lucy Byrnes

Account Manager
Luna - Staff Portrait
Luna - Staff Portrait


Makeup Artist
Maddison Foody - Staff Portrait
Maddison Foody - Staff polaroid

Maddison Foody

Digital Partnerships Manager
Maddy Papillion - Staff Portrait
Maddy Papillion - Staff polaroid

Maddy Papilion

Senior Media Manager
Marine Monbeig - Staff Portrait
Marine Monbeig - Staff polaroid

Marine Monbeig

Brand Creative Producer & Delivery Lead
Michelle Grogan - Staff Portrait
Michelle Grogan - Staff polaroid

Michelle Grogan

Media Director
Mike Frier - Staff Portrait

Mike Frier

Senior Integrated Creative - Darwin

Monica Lawrie

Senior Integrated Creative
Morgan Owen - Staff Portrait
Morgan Owen - Staff Polaroid

Morgan Owen

Head of Strategy
Alfie - Staff polaroid
Alfie - Staff polaroid

Mr Alfie

Snack Collector
Natalie Morley - Staff Portrait
Natalie Morley - Staff polaroid

Natalie Morley

Executive Director of Media
Neil Phillips - Staff Portrait
Neil Phillips - Staff polaroid

Neil Phillips

ICT Support Engineer
Nick Bozic - Staff Portrait
Nick Bozic - Staff polaroid

Nick Bozic

Odie - Staff Portrait
Odie - Staff Portrait


Barketing Coordinator
Oliver Whelan - Staff Portrait
Oliver Whelan - Staff polaroid

Oliver Whelan

Digital Media Director
Olivia Brito - Staff Portrait
Olivia Brito - Staff Polaroid

Olivia Brito

Agency Experience Coordinator
Onyx - Staff Portrait
Onyx - Staff Portrait


Fluffmiester Apprentice
Paul Murray - Staff Portrait
Paul Murray - Staff polaroid

Paul Murray

Digital Partnerships Director
Petrea Nancarrow - Staff Portrait
Petrea Nancarrow - Staff polaroid

Petrea Paine

Administration Manager
Prasetyo Priambodo - Staff Portrait
Prasetyo Priambodo - Staff polaroid

Prasetyo Priambodo

Web Developer
Renee Quinn - Staff Portrait
Renee Quinn - Staff polaroid

Renee Quinn

Front-end Developer
Ronald Alaby - Staff Portrait
Ronald Alaby - Staff polaroid

Ronald Alaby

Senior Account Manager
Rosie - Staff Portrait


Office Bouncer
Sahara Boniface - Staff Portrait
Sahara Boniface - Staff polaroid

Sahara Boniface

Media Executive
Sam Coppola - Staff Portrait
Sam Coppola - Staff polaroid

Sam Coppola

CRO Manager
Sam Davis - Staff Portrait
Sam Davis - Staff polaroid

Sam Davies

Managing Director
Sam Talbot - Staff Portrait
Sam Talbot - Staff Polaroid

Sam Talbot

Head of Advertising
Sarah Abhoulson - Staff Portrait
Sarah Abhoulson - Staff polaroid

Sarah Aboulhosn

Media Manager

Sarah Di Iorio

Marketing Coordinator
Scott Templeton - Staff Portrait
Scott Templeton - Staff polaroid

Scott Templeton

IT Support
Shivani Shah - Staff Portrait
Shivani Shah - Staff polaroid

Shivani Shah

Backend Developer
Shyam Pindoria - Staff Portrait
Shyam Pindoria - Staff polaroid

Shyam Pindoria


Sophie Ballard

Sophie Ross - Staff polaroid

Sophie Ross

Account Manager
Stephanie Diaz - Staff Portrait
Stephanie Diaz - Staff polaroid

Stephanie Diaz

Senior Digital Media Manager
Steve Pritchard - Staff Portrait
Steve Pritchard - Staff polaroid

Steve Pritchard

Digital Project Manager
Steve Wise - Staff Portrait
Steve Wise - Staff polaroid

Steve Wise

Board Member
Taesan Kim - Staff Portrait
Taesan Kim - Staff polaroid

Taesan Kim

Mobile Application Developer
Tammy Hackett - Staff Portrait
Tammy Hackett - Staff polaroid

Tammy Hackett

Senior Account Director
Tanya Salvi - Staff Portrait
Tanya Salvi - Staff polaroid

Tanya Salvi

Digital Media Executive
Taras Zagajewski - Staff Polaroid

Taras Zagajewski

Production Assistant/Content Producer

Tessa Briscoe

Media Director
Tierney Duffy - Staff Portrait
Tierney Duffy - Staff polaroid

Tierney Duffy

Media Executive
Tony McLoughlin - Staff Portrait
Tony McLoughlin - Staff polaroid

Tony Mcloughlin

Tristan Glover - Staff Portrait
Tristan Glover - Staff polaroid

Tristan Glover

Darwin Director

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Kwpx is a creative company that specialises in communication, and we respect how important language is to all Aboriginal Australians. As a company that works on Kaurna, Whadjuk Noongar, and Larrakia Country, we want to acknowledge the importance of connection to the Country. We take pride in everything we do and see reconciliation as important work for all Australians.

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Level 1, 251 Rundle Street
Adelaide SA 5000
08 8217 9100
The Village Workplace
Level 1, 38 Parap Road
Parap NT 0820
08 8941 1799
131 High Street
Fremantle WA 6160
0422 174 663
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