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Pulteney Grammar School is one of South Australia’s leading co-ed schools. But more than that, they are a community helmed by motivated students and dedicated educators.


The Challenge

It was our responsibility to ensure these same values were echoed in the online sphere by creating a new website with the goal of promoting school tours and increasing applications.​ As well as appealing to parents, the team at Pulteney were aware that prospective students now have serious influence

over which school they attend – making them a key audience segment for the new website. ​Working directly with Pulteney’s Principal, Marketing Director, parents and students, we were able to uncover where their old website was falling short.​

The Solution

Reviewing their Analytics data and conducting interviews allowed us to see how the site was being used, compile first-hand experiences and review pain points. This research was essential in order to structure and create a positive user experience for different audiences.

The real challenge with the current site was the huge amount of

information that needed to be available for the multiple audience segments. By creating a dedicated Parent Portal, existing parents  can see urgent notifications, sports fixtures and shop for uniforms. The main site can now speak directly to prospective students and parents – clearing the clutter to create a clean and streamlined customer journey. 


A Digital Transformation.

The new Pulteney website provides a central, clean and dedicated online presence for the school and their community. Prospective parents feel welcomed and can easily find answers to all their questions. 

Since launching the site, Pulteney have received a huge amount of

positive feedback from parents, staff and students. Online enquiries are now simple and as a result, the school have seen an increased number of tours booked. 

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