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Everybody deserves somebody fighting for their health.  


The Challenge

The Hospital Research Foundation’s work probably affects more people in South Australia than any other charity, with over 40 diseases being tackled.

The problem is, they were shouldering all the responsibility. 

We needed to get a collective effort from the community to join the cause and turn the Foundation’s care into a crusade.

Because everybody deserves somebody fighting for their health.  

The Solution

In 2019, we created a call-to-arms… Together. Fight. 

To enlist as many people as possible to join the fight for improved care, disease awareness and cures. 

The Together. Fight. Campaign was totally integrated from online, television and cinema to outdoor, radio and direct mail.

When you’re fighting a faceless enemy, the fight feels harder to win. Our enemy here was not just the diseases the Foundation is tackling – it was also the countless obstacles faced by the people who suffer from these illnesses. So we gave our enemy a face – and we called it, “The Beast”. ​​

In 2021, we brought “The Beast” back in an evolution of the Together. Fight. campaign.

This time around, we enlisted over 100 members of the Hospital Research Foundation’s community to join our cause. We gave them boxing gloves and put them in the ring to face The Beast – and take it down. It was a celebration of what can be achieved when we work, and fight, together. 

Along with the campaign, over a period of 8 months, a full set of 8 unique websites were built for the Hospital Research Foundation. A full suite of Watson AI tools was developed and deployed, storing content in a central hub that was served to the right affiliate at the optimal time to encourage donations.


The Result

Over the launch period, the campaign achieved over 12 million total impressions, with an average frequency of 15 times across an audience of 823,000 South Australians. T

he audience was highly engaged by our message; we achieved a completed view rate at 24% – higher than the market average for online video, and programmatic display media achieved a click-through rate three times higher than the average.

Our broadcast media via TV reached 79% of 25-54 year-olds in South Australia.​​

Through the website insights were garnered with powerful analytics, giving THRF the opportunity to build and strengthen relationships with each and every donor who signed up. 

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